Airline Catering and Rail Catering

Airline & rail Catering

Nippon Gases DrikoldTM dry ice = cost-effective temperature control for all your catering needs

Nippon Gases UK offers a reliable and flexible source for Drikold dry ice making us the partner of choice for all your temperature control needs related to air catering, event catering and rail catering. Nippon Gases dry ice has a temperature of -78.6°C and maintains a constant temperature over a long period. Furthermore, Nippon Gases Drikold dry ice leaves no liquid or solid residue when it sublimates. Therefore, putting the correct amount of dry ice in a specially designed container or trolley containing prepared meals allows you to keep complete control of the temperature up to the point of heating or re-heating.  

With its expertise in dry ice and temperature control, Nippon Gases also assists caterers and food service professionals (catering events, hotels, restaurants snack bars and sandwich bars…) seeking a simple, effective and economic temperature control solution. Our customised solutions in terms of range of dry ice formats (blocks, slices, pellets) also make Nippon Gases dry ice the preferred temperature control option for the catering of large scale events.

Our experts will work with you to identify the best solution for your temperature control requirements. Nippon Gases also offers services to optimise your processes including technical evaluation of your sites, storage of liquid CO2, technical support and training assistance. Our production capacity and distribution network will then ensure that you have the dry ice where and when you need it.

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