Industrial gas supply for the food industry

Keeping food fresher, longer

Whatever your sector in the food industry, you strive to satisfy consumers and beat the competition while meeting ever increasing health requirements. Liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice from Nippon Gases are powerful tools to help you increase shelf life and improve quality in a cost-effective manner.

Nippon Gases UK has been working with leading partners across the agri-food industry for many years now, and many food industry processes can rely on Nippon Gases liquid carbon dioxide, and dry ice as an economic and environmentally friendly tool.

industrial applications for the food industry

CO2 Snowing

CO2 Snowing

Cool your food products with carbon dioxide snow. Our CO2 application systems are an economical and precise way to remove heat. With a wide range of snowing applications, you can determine the exact amount, pattern and shape you need to meet your cooling requirements.

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning

Improving product quality, supporting your animal handling policies and enhancing the worker environment are all achieved with the Nippon Gases CAS system for broiler and turkey processing.

Flour and Dough Cooling

Flour and Dough Cooling

CO2 is a flexible, cost-effective tool that can be applied at various stages in the baking and confection process. It offers speed of chilling with precise temperature control, which is very important in the baking industry. For many years CO2 chilling has proven to be an integral part in a variety of applications.

Freezing and Chilling Pizza

Freezing and Chilling

We offer a full product line of freezing and chilling equipment, and can design and build a custom system to meet your specific need. With Nippon Gases, you can count on a system designed to maximize both yield and production.

Meat Mixing

Meat Mixing

Heat generated during mixing and grinding accelerates bacterial growth and leads to off flavours, decreased shelf life and spoilage. Our cryogenic meat mixing systems slow bacterial growth and assure uniformity of temperature, helping you maximize shelf life and product quality.

MAP Chips

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Extend the shelf life of your meat, baked goods and produce. With over 200 specialty gas blends for food packaging, we can help food processors and packers select the right option to fit their specific needs.

industrial services for the food industry

Total Systems Approach

The Nippon Gases Total System Approach focuses on getting your system designed, installed, tested, and quickly up and running to meet your operation needs.

At Nippon Gases, we help you optimize every step of your process. From helping you install, monitor and manage your gas supply, to recommending applications to help you achieve the level of productivity and product quality you require.

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Cryogenic equipment systems for food freezing, chilling & cooling

Freezer Systems
ColdFront Ultra Performance Tunnel Freezer

ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Tunnel Freezer

Get more cooling power from the same amount of cryogen used in competitive systems. With our ColdFront Ultra Performance Tunnel Freezer, you can increase production while decreasing the footprint required.

ColdFront Ultra Performance Spiral Freezer

ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Spiral Freezer

Increase productivity and decrease floor space requirements. Our ColdFront Ultra Performance Spiral Freezers offer multiple sizes and configurations, with a compact design ideal for any freezing and chilling application.

ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Flghted Freezer

ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Flighted Freezer

Ideal for products such as diced meats, produce and seafood, our ColdFront Ultra Performance Flighted Freezer provides maximum cryogen exposure — gently tumbling your products to produce excellent quality individually quick frozen (IQF) products.

ColdFront Value Engineered Tunnel

ColdFront™ Value Engineered Tunnel

A great choice for baked goods, poultry, beef, pork and seafood with varying weights and thicknesses, our ColdFront Value Engineered (VE) tunnel freezer is engineered to allow for lower capital outlay and meet improved sanitary clean-up standards.

Chilling Systems, Snowing and Injection Cooling
ColdFront Continuous Rotary Chiller

ColdFront™ Continuous Rotary Chiller

For whole muscle, diced and cut-up product, the Nippon's CRC System rotates and gently tumbles food pieces, keeping them separate for maximum cryogen exposure. This results in quick, thorough and uniform chilling.

ColdFront Even Chill System

ColdFront™ Even Chill System

Out-of-spec and unevenly chilled product negatively affects production and profitability. Get precise, consistent and reproducible carbon dioxide snow distribution with the new ColdFront even chill system for bulk bin filling.

Meat Mixer Cooling

CryoBlend™ Meat Mixer Injection Cooling

Nippon's injection system includes a bottom injection liquid carbon dioxide option to delivery precise temperature control.

Poultry Stunning
Controlled Atmosphere Stunning

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning Systems

Our controlled atmosphere stunning systems for broilers and turkeys help you reduce the handling of active birds, deliver immediate yield improvements, and are easy to install and operate.