Poultry Stunning

Poultry Stunning

Effective, humane poultry stunning

Biphasic poultry stunning with carbon dioxide: Rapid, non-reversible, stunning for humane high-efficiency quality poultry meat.

The stunning before slaughter of poultry is a regulatory requirement in many countries, including the UK. In the UK there were approximately 1 billion chickens slaughtered for human consumption in 2012. Nippon Gases supplies CO2 to a significant number of the leading poultry processors in the UK for stunning purposes. When slaughtering chickens or turkeys that are intended for human consumption, it is imperative for ethical reasons to ensure the well-being of the animal. In practice, this requires that the killing methods are not painful and spare the poultry from any avoidable pain or stress. In practice, this means stunning the animals prior to slaughter. For stunning to be effective, the period of insensitivity must begin when it is applied and completely cover the slaughter process until the death of chicken or turkey. Biphasic CO2 stunning of poultry can be used to produce halal meat. 

Reliable stunning
A reliable method of stunning: Biphasic Controlled Atmosphere Stunning 

The multi-stage Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) stunning process has several welfare advantages. Handling stress is reduced because live chickens no longer have to be hung on shackles. Another welfare advantage is that when a gas system runs correctly, 100% of the chickens will be rendered insensible before shackling and bleeding. Small chickens that may miss a water bath stunner will be effectively stunned by the gas. Some systems may also improve meat quality.

The CAS stunning process can eliminate the negative factors associated with traditional methods of stunning (such as water-bath stunning)

  • Reliability

  • Animal welfare - a non-aversive, irreversible method

  • Quality of meat - minimising the formation of blood spots

  • Improved working conditions and safe handling conditions for slaughterhouse staff

  • Savings

Nippon Gases supplies the carbon dioxide necessary to implement the CAS multi-stage method. The method has gained wide consensus among poultry professionals as well as authorities and academia. In the CAS process, the birds are first conveyed as quickly as possible into an anaesthesia chamber (low concentration of CO2 in O2 enriched atmosphere). In the next step, they are conveyed to the stunning chamber (high CO2 concentration atmosphere) where they are plunged into a state of irreversible unconsciousness. The stunning chamber and conveying equipment are designed, constructed and maintained so as to avoid injury or unnecessary stress to the animals.

Nippon Gases MACS™ Stunning Process Controller
Optimise your operations with the Nippon Gases MACS stunning process controller

The Nippon Gases MACS controlled atmosphere stunning controller associated with the use of a multi-stage method CAS stunning method provides flexible, reliable performance and ease of operation.

The Nippon Gases MACS controller displays real-time gas mix measurements and continuous gas mixture dosage to ensure optimum reliability and impeccable meat quality. Easy to use and suitable for multiple configuration needs, Nippon Gases MACS has an extensive reference list.

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