Flour & Dough Cooling

Flour & dough cooling

Baked Goods Chilling

Nippon Gases CO2 can be used in several ways to increase the efficiency of your process, increase supply flexibility and preserve the quality of your baked goods. Nippon Gases UK is the ideal partner to help you take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the implementation of CO2 in the manufacture of dough’s and creams:

Injecting liquid CO2 or dry ice in your mixers, blenders and kneaders is an effective way to maintain and control the temperature of your dough’s and creams. This helps maintain an easy working texture while ensuring the sanitary quality of your products. The process is more accurate, requires less investment and is more environmentally friendly than methods based on chilled water.

Dry ice is also a powerful tool in the construction and decoration of pastries, cakes and other desserts. The dry ice crusting process consists of depositing a thin layer of dry ice on the surface of the product to produce a frozen "crust". This makes slicing and decorating cakes and pastries easier and more precise. The crust also accelerates the process of confectioning multi layered pastries or cakes.

Nippon Gases production capacity and its robust logistics network provide our customers with a highly reliable CO2 supply to satisfy even the highest consumption needs. Thanks to a full range of services to support you in your production process, Nippon Gases is your complete temperature control partner.

  • Full range of dry ice formats and all quantities of liquid CO2
  • Cooling tunnels and cooling cells allow you to easily keep complete control of temperature through your manufacturing site
  • Reliable Delivery
  • Technical audit of customer sites
  • Optimisation of CO2 consumption
  • On-site CO2 quality control
  • Training of your personnel
  • Technical support
  • Liquid CO2 injection equipment design and installation