Freezing & Chilling


Freeze in the freshness

From the beginning of the manufacturing process to delivery of the finished product, Nippon Gases ensures you uninterrupted cold chain. Nippon Gases tunnels and cooling cells offer continuous temperature monitoring throughout your manufacturing process. Nippon Gases experts will advise you on the type of carbon dioxide as well as the injection system to use and will assist you in the implementation of the cold element through all of your process and supply chain.

Cryogenic freezing using carbon dioxide has several advantages over mechanical methods and liquid nitrogen.

  • Greater capacity with the possibility of continuous production for a relatively small additional investment
  • Rapid lowering of the temperature reduces the formation of large crystals, and thus preserves the quality of the product
  • Faster and with less stoppages than common mechanical or nitrogen methods
  • More flexible than mechanical freezing
  • Generates less GHG emissions than freezing with nitrogen
  • Cheaper than mechanical freezing equipment installations
  • No expensive evaporators or compressors needed
  • Low maintenance costs
  • More stable and easier to use than liquid nitrogen
  • Less risk of burning your products as liquid nitrogen