Carbon Dioxide is just the beginning

We’re more than a provider of carbon dioxide gas. We are experts in gas delivery, supply and use, and we’ll work with you through every step of your process to help you get the most out of our CO2. At Nippon Gases, we offer an extensive portfolio of services that start by optimizing your process efficiency and end by making our planet more productive.

Gas Supply & Management

Nippon Gases have the best proven security of supply within the UK market, we are the only UK CO2 supplier with 2 import terminals, a fleet of ships and an extensive fleet of dedicated road barrels giving us control of the whole delivery process.

Industrial Services

Our CO2 services are extensive and include a reliable carbonate source, compound extraction with supercritical CO2, dry ice for blast cleaning, liquid CO2 for fire extinguisher production and pH balancing of potable and wastewater systems.