Supercritical CO2

Solutions for a green extraction of active principles with an innovative process.

Carbon Dioxide in its supercritical state can be used as a green solvent in the extraction of active principles

A completely innovative, green and environmentally friendly process. We provide you all the expertise of our technicians to optimise the process and recycle CO2

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Critical P
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From Lab to Industrial scale
Our services involve technical and commercial support during the setup of extraction plants and facilities


A green process for extraction
Supercritical COtechnology puts forward the use as a solvent of a gas in supercritical state. There are many advantages in such a choice.
  • Overcome the use of harmful chemical solvents.
  • Increase the quality in final product, until now limited by the use of less selective solvents.
  • Improve extractive efficiency.
  • In addition, CO2, unlike traditional solvents (Hexane, Ethanol,etc...), is completely removed while extraction is running.
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