Alkaline Wastewater pH Neutralisation

Replace mineral acids.

Safe, reliable and cost-efficient pH control

Carbon Dioxide is a multipurpose gas, and can be used in several sectors. It is an alternative to acids, which traditionally are used to neutralise the level of alkaline waters. Its main advantages are safety and buffer effect.

High efficiency CO2 dissolution equipment.
Monitor and control CO2 dose with WaterSan MiruGasĀ®
Experimental studies
Carbon Dioxide applied in alkaline water neutralises pH values.



Preserves the quality of water

Preserves the quality of water without increasing its salinity with waste (Al, S, Cl).

Easy to manipulate

Easy to manipulate, risk free of burns, spills or leaks.


Non-corrosive, lengthening life of equipment and installations.

Buffer effect

Buffer effect, maintaining the pH in neutral values, self-regulation.

Inert nature

Non-flammable, safe to store and ecological.

Rapid adjusting

Rapid adjusting the pH without danger of acidification.

Form of supply


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