Uncontrolled Struvite Prevention

Reduce mainteinance costs.

CO2 to avoid uncontrolled struvite formation

Struvite is a crystalline compound that appears spontaneously as incrustations that cause problems in specific WWTP locations, such as pipes that conduct sludge liquors, centrifuges, filters, presses and heat exchangers, among others.

Through CO2 controlled injection, the formation of struvite is prevented, and the composition of the water remains intact to recover nutrients with a controlled process.
Mineral salts

Mineral salts to precipitate phosphorous.
Struvite recovery technology

Compliments and enhances the new controlled struvite recovery technology.

Does not generate more sludge.
Non corrosive

It's not corrosive nor does it form H2S like other acids.
No Risk

No risk of forming other deposits (vivianite or aluminium silicate) with corrosion hazard.

Adjusted to each case, and controlled.
Form of supply

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